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Scandals in the Italian football seem that they will never stop. After the “Calciopoli” and “Calcioscommesse”, the Financial Guard raided offices of 41 clubs in the top three Italian leagues.

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The investigation started after Lavezzi’s agent defrauded the state at the time of his transfer to PSG.

Tax evasion seems to become the main topic in the European football. After Messi was accused by a court a week ago that damaged the Spanish state with 4.1 million euros, investigations moved in Italy. A few days ago, the headquarters of 41 of the top three Italian League clubs were raided by inspectors of the FISC from the Peninsula, which amounted documents and contracts of players and former players! Their purpose? To find information on possible financial irregularities in contracts or transfers of more than 50 players.

The investigation started with Ezequiel Lavezzi’s transfer at PSG from last summer. The main target is the Argentine’s agent, Alejandro Mazzoni, who allegedly tried to dribble the Italian IRS for the fee charged of the 43 million paid to Naples. From there, everything fell like dominoes.

After a year of investigation, the Prosecutor of Naples provided the necessary mandate to Financial Guard to organize the past day’s searches. They investigated about 12 players, the most notably being Alessandro Moggi, son of former president of Juventus. According to sources within the IRS, he tried to hide in many cases the actual amount of the transfers of some players.