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AC Milan pays tribute for the catastrophic start to the season, and about the fight for the Serie A title can not be talking now.

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However, the Milanese Devils won a point away to Fiorentina, their direct rival in the fight for a place in the next UEFA Champions League edition. The guests were leading 2-0 after Montolivo and Flamini have put the Rossoneri in advantage, but this advantage was canceled after two penalties, even if their opponents played in 10 men. Yet they could leave home with all 3 points. It opposed referee Paolo Tagliavento.

AC Milan have had part over the season of many favorable decisions, but the frustration of the team from San Siro is quite high after the game at Florence.

Tagliavento did not see a clear handball committed by a player of the Viola team in the penalty area, Pizarro, at one of the last phases of the game. Although he was excellently placed, the referee did not see it in minute 90 +2, so the match ended 2-2, and AC Milan lost two very important points in their battle for a Champions League spot.