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Messi’s family members were asked to shelter after the first half of the Copa America final, between Argentina and Chile, after they were treated rudely by the host country fans.

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Messi’s family had part of unpleasant events at the Copa America final from yesterday evening, between Chile and Argentina, won 4-1 by hosts on penalties. Enthusiastic about their country’s success, but also with the desire to see Messi in action, his family members came to the match in order to encourage their favorites. But they had part of a “special” treatment from the Chile fans.

Rodrigo, the 28-year-old brother of Messi, clashed with a Chilean fan and as protection the whole footballer’s family was moved at the interval into a television cabin to be safe.

Not only Messi’s family had incidents, but also that of Sergio Aguero. They were also insulted by a sector of Chilean fans.

If the families of the two footballers have had unpleasant events in the stands, nor the stars of Argentina did not have a easy life in the field. Messi received a ball in the chest from an opponent, and Gerardo Martino’s team was booed throughout the match by the home fans present on Estadio Nacional in Chile.

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