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Archive for July, 2012

Tough decision in the Calcioscommesse case

The scandal in Italy, in which Juventus coach Antonio Conte and several other persons was directly involved in football phenomenon from the Boot, reached the final stage. Antonio Conte’s case was complicated by recent appearances, the coach is now accused that he knew about the arrangements from Italian football, but didn’t denounce anyone. For complicity  [ Read More ]

Hamsik, the new “architect” from Napoli

The dream triplet from Napoli was unbalanced this summer. If no longer exists Hamsik-Lavezzi-Cavani, the two who have remained are enough, and sometimes only one of them is able to make the difference. Hamsik made Lavezzi forgotten with two magical phases! Napoli is ready to debut in Serie A, after defeating in Leverkusen in a  [ Read More ]

AC Milan is playing with offers

AC Milan reconfigured the offer for the Brazilian Kaka. Once they have received about 62 million euros after Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva transfers, the Devils can enter relaxed on the transfer market. Initially, the offer made by the Italians for Kaka provoked laughter in Madrid, the amount offered being only 10 million euros, but now  [ Read More ]

The arrogance of 40 million euros of Ibrahimovic

Recognized as a temperamental guy, Ibrahimovic already ignite a conflict in PSG’s dressing room. Although he not presented yet in the Paris Saint-Germain camp, Ibrahimovic seems to have a more important problem. He does not know yet what shirt will wear, but says he not conceive to not wear the number 10, number belonging to  [ Read More ]

Abramovich pleased by the most expensive acquisition of this summer

He woke up all yacht he after saw the spectacular phase! The player for who threw 42 million has scored a SUPER GOOL! Roman Abramovich is happy. He believes that in the new season can destroy everything in England. In 2013, in Manchester will be war only for the 2nd place! The player brought by  [ Read More ]

The statement that will generate a huge scandal at Real Madrid

European Champion with Spain, Iker Casillas is not afraid of Mourinho. It’s the only player from Real that has the courage to defy him. Casillas said he has a list of four players, of who will vote one for winning the Golden Ball. Three are from Barcelona! “Messi, Cristiano, Xavi, Iniesta. One of them deserve  [ Read More ]

Ronaldo is preparing to defeat Messi

UEFA has announced on the official site the list of the 32 players who are in the race for the title of “Best player of the season”. This award came into the world of football last year at the initiative of the UEFA president Michel Platini, and has been awarded for the first time to  [ Read More ]

German referees will earn up to 40,000 euros

German referees will receive a fixed annual allowance for their benefits in championship matches, which can reach up to 40,000 euros, to which will add scales of match, said Wolfgang Niersbach, German Football Federation president (DFB). “It’s not a revolution, it’s a reform,” DFB chief said Saturday at a meeting of referees in Altensteig-Wart, refusing  [ Read More ]

Mourinho could bring at Madrid the most hunted player from the EURO 2012

Just installed at Tottenham, Andre Villas-Boas can awaken in the middle of a huge scandal that may have adverse consequences for the London club. Atletico Madrid, the Europa League winner, is extremely angry because of tactics through the British attempt to acquire Adrian Lopez. Spaniards claim that Tottenham contacted the striker, which is contrary to  [ Read More ]

Bayern has negotiated in secret with a player from the Spanish national team

“We offered 25 million, they said that are too little money!” Germans from Bild revealed what major player wanted to “steal” Bayern Munich from the Spanish national team. Javi Martinez was one of the best Spanish players last season, after he succeeded to play with Athletic Bilbao two finals: one in the Europa League in  [ Read More ]