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Talks about the football playing in the strongest continental championships are endless and often trenchant. However, from time to time with the statistics, we can draw some conclusions, and we did an analysis of what happened prior to this weekend. And as we have the possibillity to watch weekly the most important games in England, Spain, Italy and France, sometimes ask ourselves which of these championships is more spectacular, and more disciplined, and more efficiently.

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In the current season, in the Premier League have been scored 45 goals as a result of individual mistakes, almost twice as many were scored in Serie A, 25. In Spain have been scored 30 goals for individual mistakes, and in France 38. Interesting is the fact that in Italy have been scored so far most goals from long shots from outside the box: 44, which proves that’s harder to get to opposing penalty area in Serie A.

This is confirmed by the fact that yet in the first 10 rounds, there is no own goal scored in the Italian first division, while in the Premier League were scored 12 own goals in 9 fixtures. In Primera Division were 6 own goals while in Ligue 1 was 9.

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