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Bayern Munich midfielder was disturbed by how played Manchester United in the Champions League quarterfinal yesterday, Arjen Robben claiming the Red Devils ‘have looked like a handball team ‘.

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Yesterday’s match at Old Trafford seemed just a matter of scoring for the Bundesliga champions, who was the clear favorite ahead of Man Utd double. However, things were not like that. Moreover David Moyes’ footballers managed to open the score through a perfectly placed header by Nemanja Vidic.

Since the opening score by United, Bayern’ mission became more difficult, given that the current Premier League champions was crowded around thier own penalty area as a handball team, as said Robben. However, the Bavarians eventually leveling by Bastian Schweinsteiger and everything will be decided next week in Germany.

“It was not easy, as our opponents didn’t leave any gaps,” Robben said after the game.

“We wanted to play football but they tried to stop us. The English were just playing on the counter and have played very defensively, it was almost like in handball.

“But when you go a goal down you have to be pleased with a draw. 1-1 is a very good result that we can take home with us and then we just have to finish it off next week.”

On the same opinion was also Robben’s team-mate Toni Kroos, who argued that was very hard to play against a team that has staked everything on defense: “It was difficult: we were dominant all the time. It’s very difficult to play against a team that consistently has all its players around their own penalty area.”