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By the fall of 2013, Benfica was the club with most paying members around the world, but Barcelona has managed to overcome the Lusitania, passing by the barrier of 200,000 ‘Socios’ who pay to the club considerable sums of money.

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In a study conducted by Euromericas Sports Marketing, the Catalans were ranked first in the top, Manchester United being the team that completes the podium. The Red Devils are ranked behind Benfica. Furthermore, the study revealed the football teams with the most fans, related to the population of that country.

Thus, Benfica is in second place with 38.8% of the population, leader being Boca Juniors (46.8%), the symbol of Argentina. Benfica entered the Guinness Book in 2006, becoming the club with the most members contributing: 160.398. In recent years, teams like Schalke or Sporting Lisbon left the top of clubs with the most ‘Socios’.

TOP 10 CLUBS IN EUROPE, related to the number of ‘Socios’:

1. Barcelona (Spain) – 222.980

2. Benfica (Portugal) – 197.877

3. Manchester United (England) – 189.432

4. Bayern Munchen (Germany) – 156.556

5. River Plate (Argentina) – 123.665

6. Internacional Porto Alegre (Brazil) – 121.345

7. Corinthians (Brazil) – 119.212

8. Real Madrid (Spain) – 107.564

9. Flamengo (Brazil) – 105.878

10. Boca Juniors (Argentina) – 102.070