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The daughter of former prime minister of Italy wants to make big changes to the team taken from her father, Sivio Berlusconi. The first priority is to attract new investors to the Rossonero club.

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AC Milan crosses a disastrous season, being ranked 11th in Serie A, being eliminated from the European competitions. After being defeated by Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, there were rumors that Berlusconi family wants to sell the most titled club in the world, and Kaka, one of the most representative footballers of the team, said he’s willing to go in MLS.

Despite these rumors, Barbara Berlusconi said that her family has no intention to sell the club in Milan, and moreover, wants to attract new investors to the team and put it back on track.

“I reaffirm the engagement of my family towards Milan. We want to continue valuing this asset,” Barbara said.

“It has been spoken about a club sale, but this is not a correct information. We believe a lot in this team. We want to get big results.

“My feeling with Adriano Galliani is absolutely positive and we have new visions.”

“As for supporters, their positions must be respected. There is always the wish to see our team winning. We are working for them. We have always invested a lot and we will continue to do so.

“A partnership will be seen positively. To build the new stadium, for example, a partnership would help us do it with tranquillity.” concluded Barbara Berlusconi.

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