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Barcelona takes measures in case of Neymar

by Football Pub on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Barcelona is about to make the best deal in their over a hundred years of history.

The Spanish from El Mundo Deportivo reveals about a clause that Barcelona officials put to the Brazilians from Santos, the club that holds Neymar’s federal rights. As is already known, Barca secured Brazilian’s services since 2014, but decided to take a series of ‘security’ measures if Santos decides to sell him elsewhere.

Thus, Barcelona was placed in a situation of ‘win-win’, meaning that, or get superstar’s services, or the amount of 80 million euros in compensation, even if the former champion of Europe has paid just an advance of 15 million.

The pact signed by the two clubs is designed to stop Mourinho and Florentino Perez to transfer 20-year-old player, they being sure that Real Madrid would never pay such a big sum to the Catalan football club.

However, it is unlikely to collect the huge amount, because Neymar said several times that Barca is the only club that wants to perform, the idea of playing alongside Messi being beyond than money.

The Brazilian superstar will not arrive in Catalonia earlier than next summer.

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