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Porto – PSG 1-0. Sheikh’s money does not bring happiness!

by Football Pub on Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Brought with much fanfare, one of Ancelotti’s great football players had an unexplained exit in the last night’s Champions League match. FC Porto is leading the Group A with maximum points after victories against Dinamo Zagreb and PSG.

In their home game against the French side, Porto’s players have managed to annoy their opponents to the point where they burst. At the score of 0-0 Ancelotti wanted to move decisively and to put on Lavezzi instead of Menez in 73rd minute. The poor performance of the Argentinean exasperated the Italian coach, so that the latter decided to take him out on the field seven minutes later, and send Pastore into the battle.

Footballer’s reaction, who was frustrated, was surprised by cameras and his gesture will certainly cost him the next calls into the starting lineup.

FC Porto was better in this match, had more opportunities, and finally came and a goal. Ibrahimovic has seen very little in this match, and failed to seriously threaten the opposing goal. Thus, Sheikhs in Paris could make a revolution to the team because the results at European level have not begun to appear.

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