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Barcelona have to pay another 13 million euros for Neymar

by Football Pub on Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Barcelona have presented at the start of the week the newest transfer, the Brazilian football player Neymar, in front of over 56 000 fans present at the Camp Nou. It was a real feast for the Blaugrana team fans. Vice President Josep Maria Bartolomeu made ​​public the amount paid by the Catalan club, but it seems that this might bring some problems.

In a press conference, the Barcelona official admitted that has offered 10 million euro in advance for Neymar transfer, which is prohibited by the regulations of FIFA and UEFA. Also, following the Bartholomew’s announcement, the group Dis took notice and began procedures to prosecute the Catalan club.

If the amount announced by the Barcelona official is true, the Catalans will have to pay another 13 million euros to the group that owns 40% of Neymar’s rights.

Thus, the director of the Brazilian company said he received only 9.4 million euros in exchange of agreement on which he gave for the transfer of Neymar, but agreed with the amount because figures submitted by Barcelona before the business were others.

All optics changed after announcing the amount of 57 million euros, in which case Dis group should receive 22.8 million euros. Although Neymar has already signed the deal with Barcelona, the Brazilians are not thinking too much and already started procedures for recovery these differences.