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The truth about the votes for the Ballon d’Or

by Football Pub on Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The press took the so-called declaration of personalities who voted for the Ballon d’Or and witch challenging the correctness of the voting system. In addition to the statement of Thiago Silva, Brazil’s captain (and that distorted), others either do not exist or are “tricks” of some “trolls” on the internet. In addition, some of those who are given so-called “indignant statements” were not even the right to vote, so it could have not challenged that were rigged … the vote.

Are nominated Gianluigi Buffon, Thiago Silva, Tomas Rosicky, Lukasz Piszczek, Alias ​​Dennis, Jose Pekerman, Geofredo Cheung and a football journalist from Indonesia, Nurdin Saleh.

Lukasz Piszczek has not voted, for Poland captain voting Jakub Blaszczykowski. Alias Dennis does not exist. The Indonesian journalist voted, in fact, as it appears in the list, with Messi. And he’s quite proud of it, giving a press interview in his native country, where explains: “Messi has won deserved. There was no debate this year. He’s the best”, but admits that in 2010 he made a “mistake”: voted with Xavi, not with the winner of that year, the same Messi.

Buffon has never made a statement like: “I voted for Balotelli.” Neither Thiago Silva or Tomas Rosicky. No others. It all started with a tweet of a “troll” on the Internet, a fan of Mario Balotelli, who wrote on Twitter: “FIFA has to give some explanations”, enclosing some of the statements alleged above, who would have said, they voted in fact with Balotelli. A farce.

If there were “errors” in the voting process (as apparently was the case of Thiago Silva and Pedro Duarte), they really were errors, so anything intentionally. And not a conspiracy of FIFA to designate Messi as winner.