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UEFA Champions League financial distribution for 2010-2011 season

by Football Pub on Thursday, August 18th, 2011

UEFA Champions League logoA total of €754.1 millions was rewarded to clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League 2010-2011  season.

The last year UEFA Champions League two finalists, FC Barcelona and Manchester United FC, are received the largest performance-related payments, money from the TV market pool. Manchester United, managed by Alex Ferguson, received €25.9 millions from the television market pool!

Those clubs who were eliminated in the Champions League three qualifying rounds received €13.3 millions as solidarity payments, while each of the 20 teams who participated in the play-off matches received a fixed amount of €2.1 millions.

Additional €69.9 millions, as solidarity payments for national associations and leagues to allocate to their clubs who did not participate in the UEFA Champions League, must be used for youth development programmes.

Manchester United got €53.197 millionsnts from UEFA, Barcelona FC earned €51.025 millions, Chelsea FC €44.523 millions, FC Schalke 04 €39.750 millions Real Madrid €39.288 millions, Inter Milano €37.982 millions,  Bayern München €32.562 millions and Tottenham Hotspur €31.133millions.

The money from the market pool was distributed according to the proportional value of the national TV market each individual team represented, so the amounts given by UEFA varied from country to country.